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Raise the Paddle

Raise the Paddle 2023: Dining Hall Renovation

Raise the Paddle to renovate the Dining Hall! The funds we raise this year will support our effort to update and expand the Dining Hall to improve the lunch experience for students and faculty. This renovation will include a 3500 sq. ft. expansion, a redesign of the serving areas that will make serving students more efficient, and an interior renovation of the original dining room. The finished space will feature brand-new flooring, furniture, and paint, four hot food serving lines, a large salad and deli island, multiple beverage and dessert stations, a new walk-in fridge and freezer, and two single-use bathrooms. Your contribution will go directly to making these improvements, which will result in faster lines and more time to eat in an intentionally designed and beautiful space.


We will break ground in Spring 2023 and will complete the renovation in time for the opening of school in Fall 2023. Raise your paddle high! This project will benefit the entire community.

What your contribution will support?

  • $10,000: Walk-in fridge and freezer to store healthy ingredients
  • $5,000: Hot food serving station to efficiently serve healthy meals to students and faculty
  • $2,500: Salad and deli island to offer students and faculty choices in addition to hot food offerings
  • $1,000: New flooring and furniture for comfortable, family-style dining
  • $500: Beverage/dessert station
  • $250: Acoustic panels to reduce noise inside the Dining Hall
  • $100: New paint to update the existing dining area

Make a Pledge

Below is a pledge form for you to return to gala@bullis.org.


  • If you choose to pledge $1,000 or more prior to March 1, you will be invited to join Robyn and Steven Bender at an exclusive cocktail reception at their home with Christian Sullivan on Thursday, March 2.
  • In addition, if you choose to pledge $2,500 or more, your name will be listed on a plaque in the newly renovated dining hall.


Please know that your pledge now is only a pre-commitment; we ask that you still raise your paddle on the night of the gala for the pre-committed amount.

What is Raise the Paddle?

Our annual Raise the Paddle feature during the live auction segment of the Gala provides an opportunity for the community to support an important need at Bullis. It’s a fun way to bid to directly support Bullis’s programs. You don’t have to outbid anyone, just raise your paddle and join in! Everyone has a chance to participate as we work together to support something great for Bullis.

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