Bullis Gala 2022

Raise the Paddle

What is Raise the Paddle?

Our annual Raise the Paddle feature during the live auction segment of the Gala provides an opportunity for the community to support an important need at Bullis.

It’s a fun way to bid to directly support Bullis’ programs. You don’t have to outbid anyone, just raise your paddle and join in! Everyone has a chance to participate as we work together to support something great for Bullis.

Bullis Raise the Paddle

What does Raise the Paddle Support?

Raise the Paddle this year is supporting Bullis’s programming around Wellness for students, faculty, and parents. The funds we raise will support Bullis’s commitment to promoting physical, mental, and social-emotional health. Wellness can help students remain focused on school and improve their classroom behavior and academics. We can educate parents and faculty through special programming to include speakers and educational tools.

Speakers who specialize in mental health and wellness will meet with students, parents, and faculty and will focus on tools to support self-care. 

What your Raise the Paddle contribution will buy:

  • $10,000: Community-building through outside play, engagement in nature, and classroom programs.
  • $5,000: Division-wide presenters/programming (substance abuse prevention, mindful technology usage, bully prevention, consent/sex education, anti-racism training) 
  • $2,500: Grade level parent ed book clubs, speaker series for parents, faculty wellness support
  • $1,000: Tools like “The Body Positive” or “The Social Institute” for the health curriculum as we restructure social-emotional learning and health
  • $500: Journals for each grade
  • $250: Art kits for mindfulness and relaxation 
  • $100: Yoga mats for Lower School classrooms, classroom sensory tools