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Current as of February 28, 2022

Diamond Sponsors
Platinum Sponsors
The William J Shaw Family Foundation
Gold Sponsors


Berkshire Hathaway Energy
David and Mikel Blair Family Foundation
Cara Pearlman Group of Compass
Cara and Jeffrey Pearlman

Heather and Ross Charkatz

Beth and Justin Clark

The Cohen Group
Heather and Bob Tyrer

Alisa and Jon Halle ‘88

Amy and Evan Winston ‘91
Herson's Auto Group
Herson’s Honda & Herson’s Kia

Victoria and Todd Krietz

NAC Mechanical Services, LLC
Saks Fifth Avenue

Emine and Rubar Sandi

Tracy and Joe Ucuzoglu

Silver Sponsors
Club Pilates Gaithersburg
Dawson’s Market
Paige and Bart Yablonsky

Elsa Fairbank and John Offenbacher

Lauren Francis-Sharma and Anand Sharma

Melissa ‘97 and Joshua Hausfeld

Jacqueline and David Karp

Lori and Jason Katzen ‘98

Nikki and Michael Manoussos

Julie and Victor Michelena

Stacy Rappaport Umansky and Ilya Umansky

Lisa Stransky Real Estate

Heili and Michael Stroud

Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Sheridan Chilcote and Nathan Yokel
Bulldog Sponsors

Judy Barr and Michael Recker

Jennifer Biggs and Jeremy Hushon

Jackie ‘98 and Bryan Blanken

Lynne and Matthew Chandler

Livia and Karl Christensen

Tiffany and Matthew Cohen

Kathleen Crowley and Kristine Korva

Freed Photography, Inc.

Lisa and Scott Friedlander

Heather and Jon Godsmark

Jill and James Hammerschmidt

Claudia ‘88 and Timothy Helmig

Meeta Kaur and Banjot Chanana

Naureen Rahman and Naveen Krishnamurthy

Margo and Kent LaMotta

Jessica and Mark Langdon

Leigh and Adam Lurie

Tara and Brooks McFeely

Dana and Kenneth McNamara

Libby and Neeraj Mendiratta

Meredith and Robby Miller

Stephanie and Jason Mills

Sarah and David Nesbitt

Karen Paris and Avi Benaim

Kim and Rob Stien ‘94

Geeta ‘88 and Scott Tholan

Leanne and Shawn Till

Jianhua Yuan and Baoqi Wang

Wendy Weinberger and Antonio Calabrese

Meredith Wernick and Scott Hoburg

Jasmin and Soheil Zadegan ‘92

Bronze Sponsors
($100 to $599)

Krista Adams and Geoff Daniels

Sara Romeyn and Tim Evans

Tammy and Steven Goldberg

Michelle and Tim Hanson

Anita and Jack Havas

Kristelle and George Kambanis

Pro Kitchen & Bath

Patty and David Sanders